Executive Committee:

Co-Chairs: Eric Averett and Art Chianello

County of Kern: Kevin Hamilton
Greater Bakersfield Area: Art Chianello
Kern County Water Agency: Monica Tennant
Kern Fan: Eric Averett
Kern River Valley: Dave Prince
Mountains/Foothills: John Curry
North County: Michael James
South County: Jeevan Muhar
Westside: Greg Hammett
Member-at-Large: Armando Murrieta

Alternate Representatives:
Greater Bakersfield Area: David Beard
Kern County Water Agency: Lauren Bauer
Kern Fan: Regina Houchin
Kern River Valley: Vacant
Mountains/Foothills: Tom Neisler
North County: Vacant
South County: Vacant
Westside: Vacant
Member-at-Large: Raul Barraza, Jr.

Arvin Community Services District
Arvin-Edison Water Storage District
Bear Valley Community Services District
Belridge Water Storage District
Berrenda Mesa Water District
Buena Vista Water Storage District
Buttonwillow County Water District
California Water Service Company, Bakersfield
California Water Service Company, Lake Isabella
Casa Loma Water Company
City of Arvin
City of Bakersfield
City of Delano
City of Maricopa
City of McFarland
City of Shafter
City of Taft
City of Tehachapi
City of Wasco
Dudley Ridge Water District
East Niles Community Services District
Frazier Park Public Utility District
Golden Hills Community Services District
Greenfield County Water District
Henry Miller Water District
Improvement District No. 4
Kern Delta Water District
Kern Water Bank Authority
Lamont Public Utility District
Lamont Stormwater Utility District
Lebec County Water District
Long Canyon Water Company
Lost Hills Utility District
Lost Hills Water District
Mettler County Water District
Mountain Mesa Water Company
North of the River Municipal Water District
North West Kern Resource Conservation District
Oildale Mutual Water Company
Olcese Water District
Rainbird Valley Mutual Utility Company
Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District
South San Joaquin Municipal Utility District
Stallion Springs Community Services District
Tehachapi-Cummings County Water District
Tehachapi Resource Conservation District
Tejon-Castac Water District
Valley Estates POA
Vaughn Water Company
West Kern Water District
Westside Mutual Water Company
Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Water Storage District
Desert Mountain Resource Conservation and
    Development Council
Tubatulabals of Kern Valley
Self-Help Enterprises
California State University Fresno
Kern County Water Agency
Kern County Resource Management Agency
Kern Counsel of Governments
Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce
California Department of Public Health
California Department of Water Resources
Supervisor Mike Maggard
Supervisor Ray Watson
Supervisor Jon McQuiston
Supervisor Don Maben
Assemblywoman Jean Fuller
Senator Dean Florez
Congressman Kevin McCarthy
Congressman Jim Costa
Tulare Basin Wildlife Partners
United States Forest Service
Community Water Center
California State University Bakersfield
Southern California Edison
Canyon Meadows Mutual Water Company
Smart Growth Tehachapi
California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation
Kern River Valley Revitalization
... and many more!